How to use or get a cashback reward

The majority of cashback sites work in the same way although there are differences in fees, joining bonuses and how the money is paid. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting yourself set up:

1. Choose a cashback website

Register with us or more cashback sites. Most sites are free to join, but some charge an annual fee either as a matter of course or if you choose a premium account, we do not charge a fee upon registration

2. Search for deals

If you want to purchase a particular product or service, search the website to see if your favourite retailers or preferred financial services firms are offering deals.

Once you find a deal you want to cash in on, visit the retailer by clicking on the link provided by the cashback site rather than going direct. If you’ve previously visited this retailer’s website, delete your internet cookies before clicking through, so the cashback site is recognised as the referral source and make sure you are logged in for proper accreditation of rewards

4. Complete the purchase

When you complete your purchase, the retailer sends the commission to your cashback site. In turn, it pays a slice of this money into your bank or PayPal account. You may need to reach a certain cashback threshold before you can withdraw funds.

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